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Hello everybody,

some years ago Markus said that Persian and Sphynx cats are the awfullyst cratures in cat breeding…  but than he met them in the year 2001 in a Oriental Cats Cattery and felled in love with the character of them.

He don’t liked the look… but he can’t forget the lovely and tender touch with this cats… so I was for visit them again and again and someday in the year 2005 he said…. One day… I will have a Sphnyxcat…. and this wish get true in the year 2007!  





For one peoples this are the awfullyst creatur… for other people the non plus ultra!

I can understand the different meaning… because I had the same. But it is not possible to describe in detail how Sphynxcats are…. You have to live to see it by yourself.






„Should I do it or not“  - this was the mind of Markus…

And he did! What a good choice!



at first arrived … Lucia


and than was „Gollum“ coming to us…. and look at him… Isn’t he the Smegol out of the „Lord of the rings?

He is the  „Preeeeeeecious“  of Lucia :-)     

We are always in action and always purring… and anybody who is stoking us… says the same:

We are how hot-water bottles.





Some visitors are searching for UFO’s when they are here… they are saying we are looking like Aliens :-)













„Princess Priscilla“ is totally in love with our little „precious “





Three nudes :-)


-update 2009 –

Oooops we did it again….

Elbrus comes to us…. and iEVERYBODY fells in love with this little guy



Sphynx make addicted… :-/





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