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So that everybody on the web can see who’s behind Almost Heavens – that is who the breeder and owner is.


My name is Markus Wagner, I was born in April 1976 and I currently work as a clerk.







me „at gamble“  in Las Vegas






I love my cat hobby and I like some kind of animals.

I like to travel and also I am interested in a lot of things. From esoterism to music and creative working. I am sorry, that I have not enough time for all things which I wanted to do.


I love the Life!


what I like:


- the flair of the Orient

- chocolat

- Vanilla Ice cream

- profound and honest people

- children (when they are not spoiled!)

- the spring (when life come back)

- the autum (with the colours of the trees and the wind)

- animals and the nature

- photography

- playing the barrol organ

- Peace

- Regensburg

- happiness

- Surprising


me in Marrakech in Morocco….

me in Yosemite Nationalpark


what I dislike:


-         authority

-         hate

-         dishonesty

-         to lose confidence

-         hot summer, cold winter

-         to have patience

-         disagreement, enviousness, jealousness

     (esp. between cat breeder!)








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