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Helloooo Heeeeellooo

and I have my own page, too…

 I am with more than 60 years the oldest part of the pet family – but I am the most active and loudest of all. This gived me the byname „Terrorist“ :-)

What my real name is… will be my secret. There are a lot of names, that I know. Everywhere I lived, I had another one. Herethey call me „Laura“.

That I am a girl is for sure, because I was laying eggs some years ago…

I need a lot of attention, but I think I am very lovely…. and easy in different to other parrots.


I was born in the jungle of South America in the Amazonas. Captured I was coming to North America and from there I was coming as mascot with the Amis to Germany in the Second World War. In this time I was young and wild… but for sure it was a eventfully time and I speak some of my English words until today.

When the Amis was leaving Germany…. they let me back and I got a “Mama  A woman which was loving me very deep. I lived with her for 40 years and I loved her. Than she was old and died. I was very sad after her death…. and her heirs didn’t want me. A terrible time beganns for me. I was always screaming loud for my “Maaaaaaama” and she did not hear me……. and so I started to pluck my feathers and bite of my toes….

A petlover saved me and gave me to my last owner a nice husband and his wife…. but I can’t agree with the other parrot which was living there – so I was coming in their pub. There was I living the last 18 years before I was coming to Markus and the Almost Heavens family. The pub get closed and my owners are more than 70 years old… and so they looked for a new home for me, before I will outlive them….



A friend of Markus get notice from me and asked Markus if he want me… but at first he was doubtful, because he thought I am to old and will dieing soon :-)

But he had mercies about my story…. and he said “ok”.

So I was coming into my new home… and Markus was really surprised. He didn’t not know what kind of Parrot will arrive him. His friend told a parrot with green, blue, yellow colour and Markus thought about a Amazon…. but than was I arriving him and I was a Ara!

He was afraid of my big beak.

But he liked me from the first moment… and I him, too.









Only after a few hours we both had enough trust in us so that we get big friends…..

and now it is love.

I say “Mama” to him :-)

I have a lot of words that I can speak…. and all this in the right situations so that I am really amazing for the most peoples that hear this.








No, this is not a tooth of Markus… it is a almond and I love it to catch this or raisins out of his mouth.







In the summer it is possible that I welcoming our guests outdoor







With the other pets I have a bit problems…. I am very jealously… so I don’t like them. So I live alone in the wintergarden and we can see us only through the window or when I am sitting on the shoulder of Markus.


Markus have a big Bird… and a small doggie :-)



What I like really like is a shower with the water pistol in summer in the garden…. Look how I like it!





All the time of my long life was really exciting and eventful…. so it is an old-age pension not  possible for me.

Now I am going “on tour” as a sing-star. Markus drives on weekend around in Germany and plays the barrel-organ…. and I am sitting on his shoulder and sing.


Should I tell you a secret? …. Since I am with him on tour…. he gets more money in the hat…maybe because I am loud screaming “hungry” and the people think I get nothing to eat ;-)

That I am more than 60 years old is almost not to believe… I have so much power and action! When I was coming to Markus he was afraid after my age I will die soon…. but I think I will get old together with him!








Princess Priscilla says she is „Daddies girl“ so than… I am the Bride of the Pirate ;-)





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