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Where and how we live!


We live in Wörth/Donau which is a small town in Bavaria, South/East Germany.

We live there up the hill near the forest.

So there are no problems with neighbours after the barking dog princess, loud screaming parrot and the cats in heat :-)





The cats live with me in a large flat in my family’s home and they allowed into all rooms except the wintergarden (out of protection to the cats and plants) and the office (where there’s to much dangerous equipment).



There are places all over the “oriental” flat for the cats to climb and play.

Have a look of some Impressions:




On the long corridor you can run and play “catch me if you can“ and than make the stop in the bathroom.





















Our kittens don’t growing up in cages! They have their own room with a plexiglass window. So the mother can jump over the barrier when she seek rest for some minutes whithout kittens.

Also the other cats can jump in for visit the kittens.


But the most time they are sitting before and watch in the „kindergarten“





PVC floor coating is good for us, because in the first weeks we like to walk through  our mash food or we don’t find the toilet ;-)


we have enough place for cuddle with Mama…


… for playing…


… and climbing





and the look from inside to outside….


Highlight’s of our living: Visitors and our El Dorado outside….


some of our cats lieing on a visitor :-)

On the way from right to left…

maybe she will go outside…




… they go through the kitchen to get outside where they have a nice cat run. They spend as much time as they like outside, whatever the weather, and especially enjoy relaxing in the sun, as all cats do…


click here and come outside in the „El Dorado“ of the cats…






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