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very very welcome to my own page in the  world wide web!

This website is about the catfamily and I am very sad about this, because I am the real  Princess in this house and I am the one which is stealing the show for everyone.

All our visitors or people outdoor in the street look at me and don’t believe what they see.

Dear Nation, I will show you something about my own little world…

A world of glitter and glamour.

I am the one and only “Priscilla”

 Disco Queen, the princess of the night!


Anything must go wrong with me… I think I was lost from my real family anywhere, I was wrap in a cloth with a Royal crown and anybody find me and give me to a wrong place…. I am sure…. so it was…

And when I look into Markus eyes – than I know his mind are the same. I am the contrary of that what he wants. A real “normal” dog.

ME - compare with a „normal“ dog… –  „Drama Drama Drama

I am not a normal dog – I am a princess!

Markus talk always about „Matisse“ – that was any „mixed dog from the street“, which was his dog some years before me.

He said, that was the best dog oft the world and never another dog will be like she was. He needed years of time to take a new dog. He would like a “real” dog, how a Irish Wolfhound, Galgo or Whippet. A dog which for walk outside, running on the field near the river or which is running with him when he does Inline-Skating.

Heeeeeello? Look I am as such a „normal“ dog??? No, this is not my job! I am a Princess!


What in the hell is that?



Here some pictures of me when I was a puppie.

Look at my stupid haircut as kid!

I think I do good in this crazy bunch







When I get a „Teenie“ – came my interesting for fashion, in clothes and special haircut :-)



We live in a country where the people don’t understand the LOOK of a pretty girl like me!

They shake the head and say my owner is crazy!

In the puppie-playground and dogschool I was only short time…. the other dogs was not the best associate with me. They always would play and fighting or burrow in dirt. I felt not good there – and Markus understand this.

 I am a Princess and not a dog!

and…. the other dog’s don’t have fable for fashion…




I don’t want go for burrow in dirt or play fighting with other „dogs“ I have other interest how:

get the Party started lalalalala


after this i neeeeeed long sleep with my luxury catfriends

until I am fit for my next event



here I am a star of a

 cat exhibition


I have many faces, how about my feeling….



today I am a Hip Hop Queen

today only relaxing at home

 today I am punk


the day after such nights… I am very tired..



don’t say anything!



at first I need something to eat …



and than  gymnastics…


(oh my godness… Markus… why do you show this agonizing pictures???)


A „good“ friend of Markus said something supid! He said he will never go outside on the street for a walk with such a “creatur”. He feel ashamed of me!

For me such thing is a reason for end of a friendship…. but Markus is friend with him neverteless. So I am insult with him. But not for long time… because he make me always happy again. He bring nice presents for me.

How my pretty hut from Mexico after he comed back from his travel.









And i know it for sure…

I am  Daddies girl“ and he loves me nevertheless he wants a „real dog“ :-)





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